Co– will 'Broadcast' at Supernormal 2017. A 24-hour radio broadcast into and beyond the festival.

Co– are Susannah Haslam, Jess Bunch, Natasha Cox and Keira Greene.

Co– sought to provoke and learn through the model of a residency and communing, and what these two spaces and modes of labour provide. We continue discussion around the construction of leisure, desirable movements and places, conditions and manifestations of intimacy and productive time and space. We consider the role of community in or as work and work in or as a community.

We celebrated the winter solstice through the arrangement of an open meeting on 31 December 2015; this open meeting was composed as such to incorporate, whilst questioning, the role of fulfilment in relation to consumption and cooperation amongst friends. Safehouse, Peckham.

We celebrated the summer solstice through the arrangement of an open meeting on 19 June 2016; an expansion of our first encounter, The Averard Hotel, Lancaster Gate.

For Altai; Experiments in Collective Practice, we returned to Celine Conderelli’s Notes on Friendship, an open meeting on 4 February 2017, Dyson Gallery, RCA.